This Is How We Do It in Kalamazoo

by deathy

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After I was so happy with finally achieving the Ghetto Funk sound I was looking for with the bass in Freakytown, I decided to try my hand at doing some Ghetto Swing.

I wanted to do a Glenn Miller remix, since he's the ORIGINAL remixer, but I wanted to choose something OTHER than "In The Mood," since that's the one everybody does.

So, I found a track I liked, but unfortunately, thought it was a different name - I remixed "The Lady's In Love With You," but THOUGHT it was called "I Got a Lady in Kalamazoo." I figured out my mistake pretty quickly, but I had already picked "This Is How We Do It" as the secondary track for the remix, and really liked the title "This Is How We Do It in Kalamazoo." So, I decided to leave the name.

I am VERY happy with how this came out, and am proud of not only it but also the music video I put together for it ( ). I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Fm / 9m / 4A


released March 1, 2016




deathy Santa Clara, California

Originally from Alaska, which makes him intimately familiar with cool, deathy has been producing music for most of his life (primarily in the underground demoscene). Recently, he took up DJing and sharing his music with the world at large.

With dope beats, mad basslines, and hardcore glitch, you're sure to get your groove on.

Dig it!
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